Visual Random File Picker

An interface to randomly open files from a folder.


Written in C++, this program will open a user-specified number of random images in the current folder and its subfolders.


Upon startup, VRFP will generate a list of all the files of a specified type (by default images, but this is configurable in the provided source code) if it determines that this list does not already exist. It can be manually regenerated within the program if the contents of the folder have changed.



This project uses the GNU General Public License v3.0, which can be read on the license page.

In other words, you can use and redistribute this program under conditions including source disclosure, sharing-alike, and receiving no warranty.


The latest release of the program can be found on the GitHub releases section.


Please feel free to check out the project's GitHub respository and compile the program yourself, suggest changes, or view the code.


This project is maintained and developed by Nick Melkadze. His contact information and other projects can be found on his personal website.