A complete suite of student organization tools.


Loop is an expansive full stack Node.js project that provides a convenient, complete suite of student organization tools through its integration with MongoDB and Google's oAuth.


Loop provides you with a system of Tasks to manage your assignments, Events to prepare for the future, and Schedules to enable you to view your upcoming courses along with the amount of time until your next course begins (or your current course ends).

All of these can be viewed, created, and finalized through a clean dashboard that allows you to focus on organizing your student life.



Loop supports constant updates, allowing users to enjoy new features as soon as they're developed without even a minute of downtime.


Please feel free to check out the project's GitHub respository and build the app yourself, suggest changes, or view the code.


This project is maintained and developed by Nick Melkadze. His contact information and other projects can be found on his personal website.